*Hiring* Social and Human Service Assistant

***Social and Human Service Assistant

Assist people in identifying and obtaining a available benefits and social and community services.

Assist president and donors with developing, organizing and conducting programs to support individuals and groups in need of help. 

Required B.A degree. 40hr/wk. 

Forward diploma, transcript with cover letter to Good Spoon,

4739 Valley St., Alexandria, VA 22312.  

Joseph C. Kim, Esq. 
Potomac Law Group, PLLC
7700 Little River Turnpike, Suite 303
Annandale, VA 22003
Tel: 703-778-6843
Fax: 703-992-8460


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Partnering with Capital Area Food Bank

Good Spoon is happy to announce that now we are approved partner of Capital Area Food Bank! We will be serving our neighbors more and more by partnering with CAFB. We appreciate every prayer and help from our community!

Above all, we thank our Father God who allowed us to broaden our feeding ministry by giving us one of most wonderful, prominent partner, CAFB.

Thank you!

Donate your car or boat

자동차, 보트를 기증해 주세요
굿스푼에서 자동차와 보트를 기증 받습니다.
어떤 종류의 자동차, 보트 다 가능합니다.
세금 감면 서류를 보내 드립니다.

Please donate your car or boat. Every kind will be appreciated. We will send you tax deduction form.

<도네이션 하는 절차 Steps for car donation>

자동차 혹은 보트의 title 을 준비하여 Seller 란에 이름과 사인을 합니다.
번호판을 떼어 DMV 에 제줄합니다
보험회사에 연락하여 보험 해지를 통보하시면 됩니다.

Please take the title of your car or boat and put your name and signature on "seller" section.

Take the license plate to DMV and call auto insurance to write the insurance cancellation form.